Friday, 27 March 2015

Marijuana in America.

                                                            Marijuana in America.

I enjoyed this documentary, I felt it gave a good even point of view and told its story fairly.
There is always going to be people of whom feel marijuana is exactly the same as heroin and nothing will ever change their way of thinking, while they down their bottle of whisky! As for the underage argument, if people think no underage people currently use marijuana at present because its illegal they must surely have their heads up their bottoms!

Making marijuana legal for people of age and for medical reasons is the argument! Children will always break rules and cause problems regardless, because in most situations in Australia anyway there is no or very little consequence for their actions!
That in my opinion anyway is the situation with our current youth problem.
And of coarse it is a nonsense to think that all kids do the wrong thing and are bad! Most don't and aren't!

I find in general that people that are against anything rarely or never consider how others rights are affected!
It also amazes me that a person can be fined or evan worse locked up for marijuana possession yet politicians can send our youth off to war at any moment without anyone to answer too!

Look at the Vietnam fiasco! 55.000 plus americans dead! 3.000.000 plus vietnamese dead! 800 plus Australians dead!
For what?

 A bit heavy i know but it is food for thought at how ludicrous the whole debate is! If the powers to be really gave a poo about you or your kids they would be concentrating on peace initiatives and ways of improving things in the middle east rather than sending our kids in and creating more hate!

You may very well find the same people that are against the legalisation of marijuana and what it might do or does do to the youth of our countries are quite happy to send our youth into war zones!

Ah! but they ( those countries ) have oil !

Just saying!

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