Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Grannies smoking pot for the first time!

                                                Grannies smoking pot for the first time!
This is a great little video, these 3 true ladies are awesome and funny. This video has had millions of views and I thought it is well worth sharing. Whether your a pot smoker or not it's worth the look.
As with everything in life it's up to the individual what he or she partakes in and I think what ever we as people do, moderation and the right time and place is always a good measure to go by! With a lot of us these days it's hard to partake in anything with the drug and alcohol testing in the work place that goes on.
I still wonder how many top end management types this applies to! Im pretty sure they play with a different set of rules. Much the same as their pay scale!
For myself, I'm working towards freeing myself of the mans rules and work for myself! It's a work in progress and one I'll never give up on!
I'm not a greedy person and where I can I do what I can to help others in any way I can. This is now what I'm doing for myself now as well! Helping myself to be as free as possible to live out the rest of my life however short or long it may be as a free person! For freedom to me is ones greatest asset!

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