Sunday, 12 April 2015

7 steps to making the best Marijuana butter.

                                                     7 Steps to making the best Marijuana butter.

Follow these easy 7 steps, and you will make the best butter your weed will permit. The fact of the matter is nonetheless, the butter is generally only as good ( strong ) as the weed you make it with. A few individuals like to make a mellow spread and utilization it to spread on their toast in the morning or add a teaspoon or two to a baked potato. (On the off chance that you go that potato course make sure to include some bacon bits and diced onion with grated cheese.)

At the same time seriously, the stronger the weed the stronger the butter, so plan ahead as to what you want.

Step 1

In a medium pot heat a quart of water to the point of boiling on the stove. You can change the amounts, just be sure that the marijuana is always floating about 1 1/2 – 2 inches from the bottom of the pan.

Step 2

At the point when the water is boiling place the butter in the pan and permit it to melt totally. My formula utilizes 4 sticks of butter to each ounce of marijuana, so in the case that you're using a half ounce of weed that is around 2 sticks of butter.

Step 3

When the butter has dissolved you can include the pot. When the weed is included the heat should to be turned down, very low, to barely a simmer. I more often than not let the weed cook for around three hours. You can tell its done when the top of the mix turns from truly watery to shiny and thick.

Step 4

While the cannabutter is cooking set up a bowl  to hold the finished product. I like to utilize a heatproof dish/bowl, and some people like to utilise plastic food containers. Place a double layer of cheesecloth over the top, and secure it with elastic, string or tape.

Step 5

Strain the cannabis butter over the dish/bowl, precisely attempting not to spill. At the point when the pot is empty, undo the twine, gather up the cheesecloth from each of the four sides and squeeze out all of the remaining butter.

Step 6

Permit the cannabutter to cool for 60 minutes. Place in the fridge until the butter has risen to the top layer and is solid. The THC and other properties have joined to the butter, and you are just about there.

Step 7

Run a blade/knife around the edge and lift the butter off. Place upside down on your work surface and rub off any of the cooking water. Your cannabutter is good to go. Appreciate!

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